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Water Projects

A short story, in 2008 some friends travelled to Esmeraldas to prepare a unique tourist program for a Canadian visitor. The two places chosen, in the north of Ecuador, were the communities of Africa and La Bocana de Ostiones.

That visit to the people in these communities made a huge impression on us and we were decided in establishing a Foundation to help them. The main problem was the lack of clean drinking water, the people were literally dying of thirst.

Our first step as Ecuador Tierra Viva was to approach to Engineers Without Borders from the USA. We immediately agreed to develop and implement a Fresh Water Project for these communities and we are very pleased to let you know that after two initial successful in these communities we are in the process of developing our third project.


At this time we are campaigning and generating awareness and interest for donations - financial and equipment - to provide the El Progreso community water system. This is a small community of some 250 inhabitants. Their main health problems are due to polluted water supply from the closest river. The river water is used to bathe, cook and drink and consequently people are suffering from skin diseases and parasitic conditions.


We must build a complete clean water water system that includes a well, tower and tank collector. If you want to help support this project, in any way, please contact us!


2012, Rainwater system for La Bocana de Ostiones community:

In 2012, ETV worked on the implementation of a rainwater system for La Bocana de Ostiones, Esmeraldas province; a small community of 60 families. The community now has enough water to use during the dry season. The school already has water and the children can use the bathrooms and wash their hands. We have also provided training and awareness of the importance of saving water and hygiene techniques.

2014, rainwater system for Paufi community

Paufi is located on the northwest coast of Esmeraldas province. This fishing town community has 35 families, and the lack of water was their main concern. The implementation of the rainwater system has been very helpful to them.

2016, donation of water filters for 6 communites

Thanks to The Water Van Project 6 communities of our country were benefited by the donation of water filters as an immediate solution to the water problems.


If you want to support our Project please contact us or if you want to send a donation click here