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Medical Outreach Helping Hands

There are many communities in Ecuador that do not have access to a Health System
or Services, mostly due to their remote locations and accessibility.

Our goal is to bring national and foreign professionals to several remote communities
to help alleviate some of their health issues.

If you would like to be part of this project and you are able to form a group of enthusiastic professionals who want to collaborate with these communities, contact us at info@ecuadortierraviva.org.. We are looking for dentists, optometrists, doctors of all expertise.!

Our achievements so far…

In 2013 ETV received a donation from the LATA Foundation
www.latafoundation.org We used this donation to purchase medical equipment for
the community of Bocana de Ostiones in the province of Esmeraldas!

In 2015, our partner, LATA, donated medical equipment to La Mediania community
located deep in the heart of the forest of the Province of Esmeraldas. The donated
equipment is currently used by medical teams who visit the community.

La Mediania community

La Mediania community

La Mediania community

Puerto Chumunde, on the way to La Mediania.

La Mediania community

Equipment donated by LATA foundation for La Mediania

We work with the permission, assistance and accompaniment by professionals from
the Ministry of Health.

In 2016, accompanied by a group of Spanish doctors, we visited several communities
in the Esmeraldas province, where we discovered serious health problems. The group
Medical Outreach Helping Hands gave lectures on gynecology and disease prevention;
training was provided to members of the communities, and some medicines were
donated for the treatment of various diseases. In these communities many of the
Children, Women & Men have skin problems due to contaminated water. The
communities are drinking directly from the river, the elderly suffer from high blood
pressure, arthritis, visual impairments and children are affected by skin and
respiratory problems.

Medical Outreach Helping Hands working at El Repartidero Community

Medical Outreach Helping Hands working at El Repartidero Community

El Repartidero Community


ETV seeks donations to equip small health posts for the following communities:
• The Repartidero (Province of Esmeraldas)
• Progress (Province of Esmeraldas)
• Pilchi (Amazon)

In 2016, the Canadian Foundation Change for Children visited Ecuador with a brigade
dental care, giving attention to 120 patients a day in the provinces of Chimborazo (highlands) and
Sucumbios ( Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve)


If you want to support our Project please contact us or if you want to send a donation click here